About Rea Vaya

The construction of the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit system is one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by the City of Johannesburg. Since its launch in 2009, the project has been creating vibrant spaces and connecting previously unlinked economic nodes across the city.

Implemented in stages, the system's Phase 1A and 1B have been successfully completed, with Rea Vaya and the Department of Transport now working closely together to kick start Phase 1C, a new bus route to operate from the Joburg CBD to Alexandra and Sandton in 2019.

Phase 1A

Rea Vaya's Phase 1A was successfully completed and it started operating in 2009. The trunk route runs through Ellis Park in Johannesburg CBD and Thokoza Park in Soweto, linking with several feeder routes in Soweto. The feeder buses run from Protea Glen to Thokoza Park and from Eldorado Park to Lakeview.

Phase 1B

The Phase 1B roll-out was completed in February 2014, with routes through Cresta, Windsor West, Parktown, Yeoville, and to and from the University of Johannesburg Soweto, being added. The route starts in Noordgesig in Soweto, and travels through Pennyville, New Canada, Highgate, Auckland Park and Braamfontein, to Parktown, Metro Centre and Rissik Street in the CBD.


Rea Vaya Low Floor Stations and Interchanges

13 low floor stations and 4 interchanges are currently being constructed along the route from the Joburg inner city to Alexandra and Sandton.

Rea Vaya bus bridge at Lees street in Wynberg (Marlboro)

The bridge is complete and links Pretoria Main Road through Lees street over the M1 North into Katherine Avenue. It is for exclusive use by Rea Vaya buses and pedestrians. Pedestrians are currently using the bridge to walk between Alexandra and Sandton daily. Rea Vaya buses will have exclusive use of the bridge when operations begin by October 2018.

Grayston Non-Motorist (NMT) Bridge for cycling and walking at Grayston Drive

Alexandra NMT upgrade and walkway between Alex and Sandton is a new dedicated pedestrian and cycle friendly bridge by Grayston Drive on the M1 Highway will be completed before the end of 2017. Other NMT upgrades have been completed in Alexandra and will provide improved sidewalks, lighting and pedestrian safety.

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