Bus Times

For general queries phone the Joburg Call Centre on 0860 JOBURG (0860 562 874).

Rea Vaya’s automatic transfer system means you won’t get charged for a new trip when you change buses while in transit. If you catch more than one Rea Vaya bus to get to your destination, you should ideally only be charged for one trip. If your second bus ride is counted as a continuation of your first bus ride, instead of as a new trip, then your overall journey will be cheaper

To read the bus schedule, first identify where your stop is in relation to the published timepoints on your route. If your stop is between timepoints, use the given time for the timepoint before your stop for your bus stop’s time. The schedule is in a table format with timepoints listed in the column headers. To determine the time the bus will be at your stop, read the times listed under your time point. Read the schedule left to right to follow the route. Additional help in reading the schedule is available from your friendly driver or the customer service staff at the station.

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